Friday, August 29, 2008

All Of the photos today are from CNIC prints .com
A wonderful photography company here in Chilliwack.
Also sponsers of the BIA :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

not comfortable with your face... how about your arms...

phew! what a busy weekend of fun

how sweet is she?

One of the three sets of twins I painted this weekend.

All brothers and no I didn't do their hair :)

They were in a tournament and the green was a team color.

well Friday night I painted at the park then Saturday I was off to Rosedale for a customer appreciation day. And in that same afternoon I was up at Promontory for a children's carnival. What a fantastic event that was.
They also had henna painters there so it was nice to have another option too.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

hands too.

always an option for those not comfortable with paint on the face

the surprise look is the most rewarding.

today was mostly butterflies for girls. I would say

half of them today were butterflies

This little one was my last one of the day. She was the

most adorable little one ever. Her personality was priceless!

Crazy lines can build.... no pressure at all ;)

Friday July 18

Another wonderful night. Thought it was going to rain in the morning but it turned out fantastic. Posting some more photos of the photos from the night.

Upcoming events:
July 25 at party in the park 5-8
July 26 10-3 Trasks in Rosedale
July 26 4-7 Promontory carnival for kids.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Last night was my first night for the summer party in the park. What a fun night. I was able to do 52 full faces on little ones!
alot of puppies and alot of cats last night. It is always neat to see how each time you paint a group of kids there is usually a theme. Once they see it painted the others seem to follow. I set up at 5 started painting around 515-520 and finished my last face just before 9. Tonight the line was terribly long. It was two hours to get through. Thank you to those patient little ones that waited for me.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

materials I use

Well I use a mixture of products. Most of my faces painted up to this date have been painted with Snazaroo. It is so easy to apply and easy to remove. I have not had one complaint yet in the hundreds of faces I have done. Once in a while I use Wolfe brothers. They are fantastic to apply but not so easy to remove as snazaroo especially the black and green. They apply like no other but love to stain the skin.
Next week I am getting my Ben Nye products in so I will be adding more faces with my new color selection.

I also carry all the products in the store. Mehron, Paradise, Wolfe Brothers, Snazaroo, Ben Nye.

loose glitter, gel glitter, shimmer powders, brushes, paints, books, small palettes, big cakes.... everything you need to get started.

also theatrical products spirit gums, waxes, wool hair, you name it.
Each Friday night this summer I will be painting in the park. This is a free event for the children. I set up at around 5:30 and will be there until 8:00 8:30 if I am lucky :)

The park is central park, corner of Victoria and Young. Just a few feet away from the store.

more ...

I often practice on my boys... they absolutely hate it. Poor guys, it could be worse though....

painting in the store...

painting in the store

I love to paint the little ones that wonder into the store. It is always such a treat to see them leave so happy. An unexpected transformation......